Fast and ultra-secure Evidence Storage & Transport

Macha EST is a cloud-based platform for securing storing and sharing sensitive digital evidence.

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Securely move very large files with seamless End-to-End Encryption

Macha is a cloud-based platform for securing storing and sharing sensitive digital evidence

Macha EST provides swift and reliable access to crucial data, even files with sizes in the hundreds of GB, while maintaining the highest security standards. Users can trust that the sensitive evidence is protected and accessible only to those with the necessary credentials.

Rigr AI has built a cloud-backed service that uses a desktop client application to perform encryption on files as they are streamed to the cloud. Security is highly compartmentalized, with each case protected by a unique encryption key. Even keys are never stored centrally except when protected with user-specific encryption - so that even a very highly privileged administrator cannot compromise evidence. As a further layer of protection, we use Intel SGX, runtime encryption for the server's memory.


Limited on-premise storage often forces organisations to forgo backups, due to space constraints. Benefit from cloud-scale storage and the redundancy of multiple availability zones - without compromising on security.

Fast, secure transport and storage

Don't move evidence physically. Limit access to "need to know". Revoke access when it is no longer needed.


Detailed logging of user actions eases management oversight. Coming soon: reporting features to help you showcase your team's work to your board.

Chain of custody

Ironclad cryptographic proof of the integrity of your evidence from ingestion to the courtroom.

Why Macha?

The Macha is a figure from Irish mythology, a goddess of sovereignty, associated with intelligence and speed.

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  • Name: Macha EST

  • Version: 1.1.0-beta

  • Release Date: 14th March, 2024

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